“She steps into a soft spot, she breathes, and lets loose with the most ethereal of voices”

The brag, sydney

” ‘Coming Home’ is fantastic, Victoire lets fly with her delectable vocals amidst softly tempered guitar work…. the introspective instrumentation over Victoire’s assertive vocals seems to be a style that compliments her music quite well…. a nice little gem of an EP, Anousha follows in line with the nouveau folk-pop movement that’s emerged (The Waifs, Carus, etc) but brings to the fore her own life experience and quiet introspection that makes ‘Off My Skin’ worth a listen”

Oz Music Project

Playing Live for ABC radio November 2019

ABC Newcastle Music Awards Winner: Folk 2002

Multi-Award Finalist including Best Female Vocal 2003

Off My Skin EP Reviews:

‘Off My Skin is a vocalist’s wet dream. Anousha Victoire’s voice is so easy to like, and this CD is all about showcasing this wonderful instrument … an accomplished release’ (The Brag, Sydney)

‘Novocastrian Anousha Victoire’s debut EP proves itself a delicate folk flower, with potent lyrics and gorgeous vocals combining wonderfully over the space of five songs. Opening with a haunting arrangement of didgeridoo, fiddle, and painfully bare vocals ‘One Day I’ll Cry’ proves a fitting choice of opener. The decidedly personal reflections of ‘Coming Home (Scrubbing Sydney Off My Skin)’ display Victoire’s lyrical ability beautifully and the strings that weave their way throughout prove equally lovely. Direct yet ever so soft to the touch.’ (Time Off, Brisbane)

‘ the name Anousha Victoire will already be synonymous with Newcastle’s live music scene… from track one… Anousha’s voice almost freezes time. Add to that her trademark fingerpicking guitar style and honest lyrics and you’ll begin to understand the depths of this talent. Six Strings and a Piece of Wood is the stand-out track on this release, with a string trio adding depth to what was already a truly beautiful, sincere reflection of a past relationship. Portrait of a Brave New World shows another dimension to the singer, with political and social insights paying a nod of respect to the roots of folk music. The only quality is the organic energy of a live Anousha performance. Newcastle fans would be wise to enjoy that while she’s still giving it away. Talent like this isn’t free for long.’ (Newcastle Herald)

‘the singer-songwriter is coming of age and that is evident in the lyrics and composition of her latest recording’ (Uturn, Newcastle)

‘I really wish the first CD I made was this good’ (Bill Chambers)

Off My Skin EP launch:

‘she steps into a soft spot, she breathes, and lets loose with the most ethereal of voices’ – (The Brag, Sydney)

‘stunned the room into silence’ (Newcastle Herald)

Live review (Spark Bar, Brisbane Powerhouse):

‘Anousha Victoire immediately engages the crowd with captivating yarns and dexterous giner-picking guitar. Victoire’s set begins with poetic, social commentary about Sydney and charismatic folk she’s met. Following tunes from her EP, Off My Skin, comes a dash of politic protest from her recently released, award-winning EP, Icarus. Victoire’s enigmatic performance of ‘Last Man Standing’- about asylum seekers on Nauru- secures the crowd’s attention. The spine-tingling, a cappella ‘Her Love Will Not Return’ suggests that perhaps a song could shatter Australian apathy regarding the war in Iraq. Such well crafted songs are the perfect conclusion to a thought-provoking evening of acoustic accomplishment and subtle, but effective, political protest.’ (Time Off, Brisbane)

Icarus EP review:

‘very folky, and dreamy, and is like a breath of fresh air’ (Tsunami Magazine)