Precious Things Album Preview Gig

THIS Thursday 21st November 7pm at the Royal Exchange Theatre Bolton St Newcastle.

“Stunned the room into silence”

The Newcastle Herald

“Cascading… haunting classic sweet sounds”

Cairns Bar fly

“Packs the punch of Diana Ah Naid or Monique Brumby”

Tim Cox (ABC Hobart)

” ‘Coming Home’ is fantastic, Victoire lets fly with her delectable vocals amidst softly tempered guitar work…. the introspective instrumentation over Victoire’s assertive vocals seems to be a style that compliments her music quite well…. a nice little gem of an EP, Anousha follows in line with the nouveau folk-pop movement that’s emerged (The Waifs, Carus, etc) but brings to the fore her own life experience and quiet introspection that makes ‘Off My Skin’ worth a listen”

Oz Music Project